Best Blenders for Smoothies

Love sipping your favorite fruit smoothie? You can now get your daily dose of smoothie heaven by finding the right blender. Of course, blenders can be quite expensive and hard to control particularly for a newbie. But what if I tell you that you can now make your favorite smoothie at the comfort of your own home.


Blenders are one of man’s greatest inventions. It has revolutionized the way we create food and drinks due to the rotating metal blades that chop, puree, and emulsify food. Other powerful blenders have the capability to crush ice.

How’s that for convenience?

So, if you’re wondering which model will be able to provide you with the best smoothie in the world, we will show you our top picks right here.


Blendtec Total Blender, Four Side Jar

Weight: 7.3 pounds Dimensions: 7 x 8 x 15.5 inches


Vitamix 5200 Series

Weight: 15 pounds Dimensions: 13 x 17 x 13 inches


Ninja Professional Blender (BL660)

Weight: 7.6 pounds Dimensions: 8 x 6 x 17 inches


Breville BBL605XL Hemisphere Control Blender

Weight: 11 pounds Dimensions: 8 x 6.5 x 17 inches


Oster Versa Pro Performance BLSTVB-RV0

Weight: 11.8 pounds Dimensions: 9.3 x 10.3 x 17.6 inches

The first on our list is none other than the best smoothie blender in the market which is the Blendtec Total Blender, FourSide Jar. This blender boasts the versatility and flexibility among all the models in our list. It is equipped with digital touchpad and has pre-programmed blending cycles that can be easily used even by first timer users.

It is lightweight and has auto shut-off features when the motor heats up. What is great about this blender is that it is good for multiple applications that include: crushing ice, making smoothies, and making a batter or puree. So, if you’re looking for a blender that does it all then this is the perfect choice for you.

  • Easy to use due to its pre-programmed features
  • Components are easy to clean and fuss free
  • It is a space saver due to its small size
  • Versatile blender that allows you to create smoothies, make purees, and make ice cream
  • It brings quite a noise in the kitchen so be prepared with your earplugs
  • Quite an expensive model to purchase if you’re on a budget

Pitted against our number one pick is the equally impressive best blender smoothies is the Vitamix 5200 Series Blender. Perfect for creating medium to large batches, this blender has everything that you need. Not only is this blender easy to use, this high performance blender can create a variety of concoctions and purees in a just a few minutes.

It is easy to use with its easily adjustable speed dial. The blender is BPA and shatter proof complete with spill proof lid removable lid plug. This blender is highly recommended not just for individuals but also for small to large families. Create culinary masterpieces with this handy addition to household.

  • From soups to purees, this blender is great for a variety of cooking applications
  • Blender’s components are easy to clean
  • Easy to use which is great for first time users
  • Comes with its own recipe book
  • Be wary of the noise when using its high speed feature
  • Easily overheats and blades tend to malfunction when not used properly
  • Be wary of plastic burnt smell when overusing it
  • Bulky blender, needs more space for it to store

Want to know what is the best blender that you can buy today? The Nina Professional Blade BL660 has sleek look with a cool chrome finish. Its stylish look is backed up by its ability to slice all kinds of food effectively into a smooth and consistent final product. The blender includes 2 professional Nutri Ninja cups with To Go Lids for smoothies and juices to go.

It is BPA free and dishwasher safe so you’ll never have to worry about cleaning it. Like the rest of our picks in this list, this blender is capable of a variety of uses as well such as: blending, crushing and food processing. From your favourite smoothie to a tasty fruit puree, you can rely on this blender for a cooking needs.

  • Its high-powered blending capability can transform ice into snowy flakes with ease which also makes it an excellent blender for other cooking applications
  • It easy to clean and is even dishwasher safe
  • Eco-friendly- BPA free quality pitchers thus keeping your family safe from toxic effects of contamination by BPA
  • Quite a noisy blender especially when using it for food processing
  • Problems with consistency as large chunks of these food remain in the final product
  • Limited shelf-life- blender tends to stop working particularly after using it on high-power for several weeks

This smoothie mixer is all you will need to create that right blend and texture for your smoothie. Not only is this blender stylish to look at, its design is important to its ability to grind and blend food into a fine consistency. It also comes with a variety of functions that are perfect if you want to chop fruits and ice into cocktails but most importantly to create the great tasting smoothies.

It has five different speeds and an LCD timer making it an easy to use smoothie mixer to have. Another plus is that it is particularly easy to clean and its dishwasher safe. Make the perfect blend of smoothie right now with this smoothie mixer.

  • Has easy-to-sue controls making it an excellent blender for first time users
  • Easy to clean due to removable components
  • It has a sturdy design making it a handy blender for heavy duty food processing
  • Versatile- as you can create a variety of food that include: smoothies, purees and cocktails
  • Quite a noisy contraption to have at home
  • Getting ingredients inside the blender is quite difficult and will require on to push them down with a stick
  • Blending is a problem and will require more time to do so on high speed
  • Unsecure lid- ingredients tend to pour out when the jar is full

This highly recommended blender makes it to our list because of its amazing features. It boasts stainless blades that are capable of handling foods that other blenders can’t. From soups to nuts, you can practically create a culinary feast with this amazing piece of blender. The Oster Versa comes with a three-programmed settings (smoothie, dips/spread, and soup) that can easily be used with the turn of a dial.

The blender has a BPA free jar with secure fitting lid and no-mess spout to prevent any mess. What is great is that this blender can also fit in the standard kitchen cabinet making it easy to store. Plus, it has recipe books for you to enjoy.

  • It is a space caver as it can be easily stored in a tiny kitchen
  • No mess due to its secure and spill proof jar
  • Can create a variety of food of your choice
  • Durable design
  • Measuring marks can be hard to read
  • Can be difficult to clean
  • Unstable base and needs extra care when grinding as the blender tends to wobble

When it comes to choosing the right blender for your home, it is important to do a bit of research on the different models. This will not only narrow your choices but it will also save you the trouble of wasting your money on a faulty model. Determine the functions that you would want in your model before heading out to purchase on.

Blenders vs. Food Processors

There have been quite a number of confusions between these two, so for the benefit of others. Although blenders and food processors generally do have the same functions, there are distinct characters between the two.

Generally, blenders are made to blend or soft mix foods and liquids. Food processors, however, are especially made for the process of chopping, grating, slicing and mixing either soft or hard foods. The blender’s narrow shape is basically designed for blending soft food and liquids while the food processor’s wide work base is more suitable for processing food.

Although there are several benders that can otherwise blend or crush hard food substances such as ice, it does come with a price. Not only do blades become blunt but others tend to overheat and even malfunction. So, it pays to be very vigilant and careful when using both appliances.

Purchasing your blender can be quite a task especially if you’re a first time user especially since there a variety of models and brands to choose from. With a bit of research and a few word of mouth recommendations, you’re definitely good to go. So, which one is it from our list that you would love to have right now?